Video games are our savior or our destroyer

In light of scientific findings, our minds don't discriminate much between imagination and reality. This means that vividly imagining an experience can trigger similar physiological responses as actually experiencing it. Consider computer games, particularly virtual reality (VR). They immerse us in lifelike environments, evoking real emotions. This raises a crucial question: do video games impact our minds? I believe they do.
Every emotion we feel shapes our brains and values. Similarly, video games may have a profound effect on us, especially children.
Picture a game where positive behaviors are woven into the storyline. Children absorb these lessons unconsciously, forming lasting impressions. It's imperative for governments and society to develop such games. They offer a seamless way to instill desired values in young minds, minimizing the risk of misconceptions.

Having that in mind I think that it is critically important for governments and society to develop the games that would benefit the society, because it is literally the EASIEST way for developing the right patterns in the child's mind. The game should be interesting, but include everything we want to teach the child about real world, reducing the risks of wrong perception and understanding.
We don’t understand the full potential of gaming and the full danger that comes with it. 
During the real live life there is a lot of happening and you don’t know exactly how your actions and words will impact the mind of the child. Actually it often happens that parents want the best for their child but their actions cause exactly the opposite bad effects (examples even with serial murderers appeared because of bad childhood experience may be given). 
In the virtual game you may test and know almost EXACTLY how the child will react on it. You can limit the environment precisely to what is needed, to the scenes that you know what exact results they will cause on a child’s mind. Of course a lot of studies should be done by psychologists and scientists before using such games, but it may be definitely possible and safe to do that. If the game environment is realistic enough and the external environment is limited, then we can control exact patterns that will occur in child’s mind. We can program it unconsciously, child will not even need to remember everything (and often if we push children to remember something they don’t do that).
That may be actually the better future for the right society. Children at their early age may be taught not by humans who can’t control anything in the environment including themselves, but by smart, AI driven, psychologists tested, interactive games that will affect persons unconscious mind right away.
The children are the easiest to affect that way, but those kind of programs could be developed for changing the wrong life experiences and unconscious patterns that all humans collected as well (for example we can try to cure some mental disorders or some fears). The potential of virtual environments in my opinion is huge and we may start to use it very soon. Spending each day in Virtual Simulation may train our mind safely for almost any kind of task.

Having that in mind, two very interesting questions appear:
  1. How the current games (mostly violent, first person shooters) are affecting our society? I would not talk too much about that, will leave that thoughts for you. However having the answer in my mind I’m not even hesitating about the third world war that may happen with that type of unconscious settings given to the people nowadays with video games.
  2. What if we live in such simulation already. We can imagine that we are the creatures of some kind, connected to such game simulation which gives us the ability to learn the live in increased speed (it’s only our feeling about the notion of time) and learn through it. Those who learn what is needed (conditions set by a game) are finishing this advanced life training and are brought back to life (in the “heaven” where are only smart people live, because they already finished that training). Having that in mind the theory about heaven that religion gives to us doesn't seem so silly and all that science that we discover is just a part of simulation. Actually such theory explains everything that religion tells us, which is amazing. If such theory is right (I believe our simulation is not just for fun like in 13th floor movie) we should consider our life as a game where we should learn the basics and find the proper behavioral patterns for us, find ourself and know how to life in the society. 
That virtual reality game may be our preparation for real life

Anyway having those two points in mind what we can do?
  1. The scientists , game developers, governments and investors should unite on creating the game of life learn which would set the proper mindset and values to the people starting from the childhood affecting unconscious mind directly (like in real life but like in the dream). Having that we can actually have a unique and in my opinion the only opportunity to create the society of future , the society that we want to live in, without violence , bad habits, with smart people around and the joy and happiness in all of us. There is no other way to do it in my opinion(maybe only reprogramming the mind directly but that is not possible yet and any time soon). Developers investors and governments should understand their mission first of all and not create tons of BULLSHIT Video games like world of Warcraft, League of legends and actually almost everything we have right now. I believe that such future education system should be the MAIN task of our governments and game Devs in the future. Having such technologies as VR and such computer capacities we can truly create the better society in the future with conscious and GOOD WILL people, without crimes or anything like that. It should be just very properly studies and of course used with good intentions (every idea can be used as opposite mission, creating the controllable society). It’s shout of my soul what I’m writing here and I’ll put everything I can to move the world in the right direction (just proper money management is needed by the authorities)
  2. If we’d believe that were already in such simulation learning game then there is some purpose of it and each of us should find it personally. If that’s the case we should truly consider our life as a “training” game (which I do) and that something good is waiting for us after the game is finished (however if you finish it earlier you will be brought back to it over and over. You must understand that 100 years in our life may be just little time part of “real” life, our game may be trained in increased speed)

Would be good if we gather the working group of the interested people which would create  games for our better society. Psychologists, game developers, teachers, volunteers, and a big supporting community would be needed to make it happen.
The other part is more philosophical one. You see, if we are passing the training in virtual game then what the final goal should be. More thought are needed about that. We may look at the religions, sociology, psychology and try to find the answer of the real purpose of “the life”. We may need to develop a new religion (which I called “antro apostolí” religion, translated as “man mission” from Greek)
You can also contact me on social media with the title “The future games of life” . We need to gather a lot of people from different fields to work on creating people’s minds and make the “utopia” possible for the first time in history of humanity. 
To sum up, in my opinion there is just two roads. Either we continue as it is and most probably destroy ourself in a world war III, or we work consistently on improvement of our behaviors, unconscious mindsets and attitude and achieve the prosperity. Because you should know, people are the root cause of all bads and goods in the world, so to change the world we need to change the people and to change the people we need to change the surrounding environment and the values they’re taught from early age. Properly designed realistic and interesting Video games are one of the best and most realistic (we have everything ready for that) way to do that in my assessment. 
So next time, you start your work on developing next game shooter think twice. Or instead of talking there’s too much violence in the world nowadays and people are too aggressive, maybe we can start doing something with that?

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I also plan to work on the book that will try to present a new mind set (the new way of thinking, set of believes, call it new religion or whatever it doesn't matter) of a new human for the following years together with a new reality combined with the latest knowledge. Without mindset presented in the book I believe we would not be able to develop further, only to degrade. I will describe, that our tech advancement happened quite fast and that’s beautiful, but our values and mindset are same as 100 and 1000 years ago. If that would stay we would be left with less change to survive.

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