Some of my life rules & philosophy (#1)

I just wanted to share some thoughts. Maybe it will be helpful for someone ;)

1. Everything is possible. If person say "it's impossible", it's a limited person. This person has a lot of limitations in his mind. It's hard for me to deal with such people.
If you understand this, you'll automatically understand the next statement which is the simplification of the main: "Never shift the responsibility for what’s happening in your life on others’ shoulders!" People are ALWAYS unconsciously trying to do that, because it makes them feeling more comfortable. But only for a short time!
To summarize I may say: EVERYTHING what's happening in your life was cased by the set of actions you've done. Every our action has some consequences.
To achieve something you must spend your resources on it. The questing is how much could you spend resources to achieve something and how productive will you be. As much as you will give, as much you will achieve. With some time gap in between =)

2. Never give opinions or thoughts about anything. And doesn't judge anyone! Because opinions are subjective and always may be wrong. I try to consider only facts.
At the same this works: I believe and don't believe everyone. I suppose that I can be tricked by everyone, however always appreciate everyone's opinion. There are no wrong or right thoughts and opinions. Every opinion worth something and cannot be banned by me or someone else in any case. I accept everything, because do know nothing.

To make you understand it better I'll give you this parable about the world perception.
If you don't believe or don't understand me, read the story about a man and his horse here!

3. If people say they don't have time ...
Everyone have the same amount of time during the day. 24 hours. The question is what you consider as worth your time and attention. So if person say I don't have enough time or I'm really busy this day it means that he consider you and your deals not so important as all the other things in his life(including watching movies, sleeping or whatever this person does instead of spending time with you). If someone says to me he don't have enough time for meeting me or whatever I know that this person don't consider me as relevant to his or her life and after some time don't waste my time on it. Of course, it's not bad if they say so, it's just their chose and they have a right to it. But don't waste your time! =)

4. Because, your time is limited. The main problem of all human's problems is death. As someone smart said: "I know only two things for sure: that I exists now and that I will die soon" Keep that in mind and don't waste your time for things that doesn't give you anything. That's why we also cannot focus on the past. We cannot change the past, and there's no need to do that. We can manage only our future that depends on what we’re doing right now. Don’t expect the future itself to be pleasing; do your best to make it smile at you.

5. You must be strong. People do not appreciate weak ones, especially nowadays.
And only results matter. Your ideas, your thoughts, internal discussions are worth nothing if they are not realized by you somehow. Only results that can affect something matter. People often think that if they had a disease, about didn't have time, had problems, or were working so hard and have not done nothing, it's an excuse. So, it's not, no one cares about your problems. You must do anything to have some good result of your work. If you will not, your work is useless.

6. All what you have in you life is yourself. Anything else is unstable. Only your health and knowledge will remain with you during your life. Anything else is unstable and doesn't turn upset if it will be gone.
The "1 subrule" of it is money created for using them, not accumulating. Thousands of times people losing their money, but doesn't learn anything. Better to use money for something, than accumulating them "for future". Note that here I'm speaking just about paper bills "money". Better to invest it in people. By spending money on other people and on getting experience you'll get much more in your life.

The "2 subrule" is use and appreciate the resources that are available for you at this moment. The most precious resource is time and health. Less time you spend to achieve the result, so better you are. The next precious thing, although unstable, is people's relations.

7. Don't try to change other people! Of course you CAN do it, but in my opinion it is just not worth it. Accept everyone as they are. However if you really cannot stand someone, better to just leave this person. It's easier to find another one. There are so many people in the world! As said my Dad it's better to buy a Ferrari, than buy a Chevrolet and trying to make a Ferrari from it.

8. Use your strong qualities! If you're good in something  - do it! But if you're not good in something - don't do it! =) Many people trying to do what they don't like, because society say them it's good. Don't listen to it. Do what you like and feel good because of it.

9. Do what others don't do. If you want to do something there's always concurrency and other people trying to do the same. You have two choices: 1. be the best or 2. Do what others don't do. Both ways need will need engagement and a lot of efforts. But remember the rule 8: it's not an effort. It's pleasure. =)

10. World and your life is dynamic. It's always changing. There's no stability. Don't wait for it and don't try to achieve it. Every kind of utopia(like socialism, project Venus etc.) are impossible now. You cannot always live the stable life because there are a lot of factors that change it every minute. Also you cannot fully understand the world with your simple mind. That's why, during the whole life our mind creates simplifications and stereotypes about the world to make you feel comfortable. If you'll accept it you'll do more actions to make your life better. =)

To be continued in the near future...

If you have more opinions to share with me - leave it in the comment! ;)