Our reality is just small part of the reality (aka what is time?)

tl;dr In this article I introduce you to my thoughts about reality, universe dimensionality, time, units of measurement, small parts disappearing and many others. If you try to understand what is time and how it behaves, try to read till the end, the challenge is not easy.

Our three dimensional reality may be just a part of bigger multidimensional world. That is what recently many scientists say, but most people don’t understand. What we need to understand is that our sensors are perceiving only as many dimensions as was needed to survive and only to the extent that our perception system and brain has developed.
There are definitely ways of “moving” in other dimensions and we are definitely doing it. We just don’t understand it. This article will present you my explanation of what are other dimensions, what is time and what our reality may be. Let’s break it down into pieces.

Let’s start with simple illustration of dimensions that we think we understand.
First let’s consider point as zero dimensional space, line as one dimension (or point +1), plane as 2 dimension (or point +2) etc. Then we’d have:
line is an infinite continuation of point though one new direction (let’s call this direction as X1, we measure the distance in 1D in unit we invented called meter)

Plane is an infinite continuation of line though one new direction, let’s call this direction X2 and now we have two “perpendicular” in our imagination dimensions X1 and X2. The distance traveled can be found as D=sqrt(X1²+X2²) and it’s measured again in meters.
3D space is an infinite continuation of plane to one new direction called dimension. We will call this direction X3 and now we have three “perpendicular” dimensions X1, X2 and X3. The distance will be calculated as D=sqrt(X1²+X2²+X3²) and it’s measured again in meters.
If we will continue the above reasoning, that may already go above the limits of our imagination and perception. The 4D dimension is an infinite continuation of 3D (our 3D world is continued to some extent through one new next direction which in this case I actually tend to call time)
The problem with next dimensions is that it’s hard to draw them on two dimensions. That’s why you see this curve line on the image. If we call this dimension X4 then the distance traveled in 4 dimensions will be calculated as D=sqrt(X1²+X2²+X3²+X4²) and what if it also can be measured in meters? Actually, we invented the unit of time called second, but what is the dependency between meter and a second. Actually most of the people don’t realize even that: 
“ The meter is defined as the length of the path traveled by light in a vacuum in 1/1299 792 458 second
We can read that 
“The meter was originally defined in 1793 as one ten-millionth of the distance from the equator to the North Pole. In 1799, it was redefined in terms of a prototype meter bar (the actual bar used was changed in 1889). In 1960, the meter was redefined in terms of a certain number of wavelengths of a certain emission line of krypton-86. In 1983, the current definition was adopted.” 
So it’s only about 20 years that we use that definition of meter. Do you realize that? Who invented that? Who took the number 1299 792 458?
Having the above in mind we can actually say that our units are completely relative (in this case to the light, in case of second to some atom division). Actually this system seems broken to me. Speed is relative but speed of light is absolute, really? If we think about it long enough we come to conclusion that everything is relative and that if the distance can be expressed in “time for light”, then the time can be expressed similarly in “distance for light” (I skip the full reasoning and a lot of other stuff to avoid further complication of the article =P). 
Time probably have similar nature and can be expressed similarly to three other dimensions that we already use.
Time is not somethings special is just something similar, but something we don’t have enough sensors and enough brain capacity to understand fully.
So, the definite notion of fourth dimension is time. That’s is quite obvious but already hard to understand for most of the people. To make you understand it better we made an illustration of parallels between higher and lower order dimensions. We actually use the notion of time on many graphs as a new dimension (see the picture)
Graph showing that time is just next dimension, we always do that but don’t understand that fully
The question that appears is why we are moving on that “4th time dimension in only one direction and actually Do we (at least we tend to think so, that time “flies”)? Do we move only to forward time direction or it’s just how we tend to perceive it? Maybe we are moving in both directions of time and just don’t understand it, or maybe there are some ways to check this time direction movement same as each physical direction movement we have? I’d try to answer those questions partially in my following articles, because this one is already went too long and I’ll answer it fully in the book I’m preparing (see more details at the end of the article).
One more question is can we jump through the space? No way somebody will say. Depends what dimensional space I’d say. If you have a line and a point you can move through dimension +1 and though dimension +2
If you move though dimension +1 there’s no way:
******** <-> only those directions, we always see the point which moves in our dimensions. To illustrate that better let’s imagine we live in 1D dimension.
But what if the point is moving in +2 (2D in our simplified example) dimension and we live only in +1 (1D in our simplified example) dimension. Then the point will appear from nowhere in our world, we’d see it, and then it can move in our dimension for a bit and just disappear (for our perception, in reality it couldn’t disappear). The sketch is shown below:
What if we’d add one more dimension? What if point is moving in +3 dimension and we still are living in +1. Nothing change actually for us. The only way we can see that is when it appears in our dimension (or dimensions we can perceive) and then it just disappears.
Now think about quants, bozons and all small parts that have this ridiculous unexplained disappearing from from our world and appearing in different place and that even Dr. Michio Kaku call very weird and hard to understand. Sound similar, huh? What we can observe is that quants are moving to another dimensions and coming back from them constantly. We don’t see that on higher levels (bigger objects) because only some parts of those objects are moving to other dimensions we don’t perceive, but those who left are enough for us to see them as a “complete objects”. But those objects are actually moving in more dimensional space, their parts are disappearing constantly from our 3 dimensions. That the explanation to “somethings just disappeared” because it actually can’t disappear unless we’re simulation =) We already see that, we just can’t yet understand or explain that. String theory is somehow similar to what I’m writing here. I tend to believe that string theory is one of the closest theories to reality we had so far, but our understanding of full picture is still very limited and far from perfection.

OK OK good so what it give to us you’d say, why should I know all of that?
With the above said I’d suppose that time travel may be possible, but time distortion (choosing the right direction with “just our mind”) and modification of the universe (we don’t know how yet) is very possible (so called gravitation theory).
One may ask if we can just stop in time dimension as we can stop in 3D world? HAHA but who said to you that you can stop in 3d world. 
The world is in constant move, planets, galaxies are all moving, same as time is constantly moving. Everything is relative.
 We can’t control the movement of our galaxy and the movement of our planet same as we can’t control the movement of our time. What we can control is the relative movement, meaning that we can move relatively to the table in our room or a car can move relatively to us. Same with time dimension we can move relatively to others in time.
So we need to learn how to control our relative speed in time dimension and who we are relative to in that dimension. 
As we may know moving in one dimension is still moving in +1 +2 dimension. So we can assume that moving in our world also provocate moving in our time dimension. Moving faster in our world may also mean moving faster in time dimension. But moving in time dimension does not amplify moving in lower dimension (same as moving horizontally in plane doesn’t change vertical line position).
More thoughts are needed on that and I don’t want to go deeper in that article. What I just wanted is helping people to understand that we are much less aware of the reality around us that we tend to think.
So if you understood all that I was talking above here’s some things to think about: what is the 5th dimension of universe? I tend to believe it definitely exist, but can we somehow perceive or at least understand it? Let’s try to imagine that, that should be the repetition of time along some axis, meaning there’s different times going along simultaneously. I’ll cover all of those concepts more closely in the book I’m preparing, including how we can impact (aka “choose”) our future by understanding concepts of higher dimensions more closely.

PS. I also plan to work on the book that will try to present a new mind set (the new way of thinking, set of believes, call it new religion or whatever it doesn't matter) of a new human for the following years together with a new reality combined with the latest knowledge. Without mindset presented in the book I believe we would not be able to develop further, only to degrade. I will describe, that our tech advancement happened quite fast and that’s beautiful, but our values and mindset are same as 100 and 1000 years ago. If that would stay we would be left with less change to survive.

If you want to have further discussion on the topic or possible cooperation drop me an email on contact@ostruk.com

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