Good time to buy gold&silver?

The global financial crisis was predicted by me one year ago and I told all my close friends to get rid of their money and unreliable actives by the end of summer 2015 (the same as I told all my friends to get rid of Ukrainian currency before Ukrainian crisis :). Now it's time to say it to all of you, because it's the last chance before the boom. So it's high time to open your eyes and see a real situation around you.

To say truth I'm a bit lazy to explain you all of that, but anyway I'll try.

So if you want to save your savings, I believe now is the last moment you can do it.
There are few reasons, if I will have time I'll explain it later.

At the beginning, just few more points to notice for now:
- now better to buy silver than gold(will grow more, see silver/gold ration). However gold is very good too =)
- if you buy it, you must buy at least more than ounce (you must have some extra money, don't spend the last money you have in your pocket to buy silver monet)
- if you buy it you must keep it at home, not at bank reserves.
- if you don't want to buy silver or gold keep your savings at least in dollars or Swiss franks (not Euro, believe me), never in your local currency (zloty, hryvna, krona etc.)!


There could be a lot of reasons why the currency can lost it's value. To understand that you must know how the global monetary system works and how everything works in nowadays world. There is a lot of mess information in the web, many of which is true. So I will not be explaining and repeating all the stuff here, but to quickly alert and persuade you, I'd say you must understand that:
  • Most of the things are controlled by few people and followed by all of the others. Everything can be easily manipulated and controlled (or disrupted), including media, people's reaction and people's opinions.
  • most of the values in nowadays world can be created "just on paper". It means that you can manipulate the information about something and people will believe it, because they don't have access to it. 
  • you have no power to change it, but you can predict the global trend
  • most of the world nowadays is living using money "from the future" and soon it will become impossible to continue
  • most of the governments are plaing in politics very bad. They provide laws that can lead us the big dilema in the future.
  • .... will be continued later, written just to alert you and give a chance to make money =)