Blog philosophy

1. Note that in my posts I never complain or say bad things about anything. I think it's destructive and give nothing in result. If everyone complain the world will not change, so better to do not complain. Also I'm trying to do not give any kind of my own opinions, since we're people and all our opinions are not stable. Hundred times I was a witness of how people changed their mind, considering that they were so confident and were proving so actively their previous opinion.

The next thing to consider is history. I see so many people every day arguing about history or other things that they were taught. I am sure there is no sense of arguing of history. Look: most of the people don't even know what's going on in the world at the moment. And this is when so much information is available in the internet. What could people know 50 or even 200 years ago ? I'm telling you: nothing. They knew nothing about the world outside of their place of living. Closer to our time they knew only things that propaganda told them. I convinced in this after asking about 20 old people about their life in Soviet Union in the years after WW2. So now I'm asking you: HOW could you know what was going on 100 or 200 years ago? HOW could you be sure that things shown in historic books were not ordered by someone in the past? You don't even know what's going on in the world at the time of your life(of course most of the people think they know everything, but that's another topic), but you constantly trying to prove your own point of view, because you feel hurt when something goes as you're not expecting.

The same things goes with stereotypes. How can you say something about person you've newer known? How can you say things like "Americans are bad" or "Russians are alcoholics" or "Asians are something"? There are billions of people living there and they're not the same. By having such things in your mind you limit yourself. So get rid of stereotypes too.

So to summarize: doesn't matter what was in the past, because we cannot effort it. The only things that matter is things in this moment. Also doesn't give opinions! Your opinions are wrong - that's a rule for everybody. To be sure of what I'm saying read my life philosophy:

2. I believe that because of a new information age(see description here) it's pointless nowadays to give more information than it's needed. Shortest, meaningful things that do not need a lot of time to waste on it give most in the result will be the most precious in the future. That's why I'll try to make my posts as short as possible and include in them only important and relevant information.

That's my rules for this kind of posts. I'm just translating a pure facts, only information is valuable, not opinions.