VIsa & residence permit & work permit notes for students in Poland

This post describes all of the recent rules I had to deal when I wanted to work during studies in Poland. Since I didn't find this information in the web, but was told by the workers of National Labor Office I decided to share this information with everyone.

1. Full-time students that have a valid (opened) student visa (nr. 10) can legally work in Poland and don't need ANY work permit or other additional documents.

That's an important point, because many employers don't know this and require from students some additional documents I understand this, because this is a new law that was signed in 03.2015 and maybe many lawyers haven't noticed that yet. That's why you should be informed, many of my friends didn't know their rights and were struggling because of that.

2. If you finished polish university (full-time studies only):

you DON'T NEED to get "information from the governor with jurisdiction over the registered office or place of residence of the employer about the lack of opportunities to meet staffing needs of the company hiring the alien on the basis of the records of the unemployed and persons looking for work, or a negative result of recruitment organised for the employer, issued not earlier than 180 days before the application, if it is required". Instead of it you just need to bring a copy of your diploma. And it means a lot, because the information from governor is usually the hardest one to get and also the prolonged one.

What are those two points mean? They show us that a great simplification in getting the job in Poland if you study in or graduated from Polish University. Of course, for countries-members of European Union it doesn't mean too much, but for other non-EU citizens willing to work and reside in Poland it's a big deal, especially taking to account the latest EU restrictions about migration and work permits (from the year 2017 it'll be much harder to get work Visa to EU, more information you can find

It's common for Poland to ease its residence laws recently. You can also read about one of them here.
More information about working on Visas you can find here.

If you have any questions, please leave comments and I'll be happy to respond. =)