A bit of Ukraine(#4). Modern Ukrainian Music - ONUKA

Onuka("granddaughter" inUkrainian) is Ukrainian folk-electronic band created in 2013. The lead singer Nata Zhizhchenko believes that traditional Ukrainian Music was investigated and almost dissipated when Ukraine was a part of Soviet Union. That's why the band uses some traditional Ukrainian instruments in their songs. Listen and enjoy =)

Below you'll find some of their best singles chosen by me.

1. Their last mini-album Vidlik("countdown" in Ukrainian) was inspired by Chernobyl disaster and it's bad influence on Ukraine and surrounding countries. It's released to it's 20 years anniversary and intended to remember people about it. Below are two singles from the album.

1986 - it's the year when Chernobyl disaster happened.

Svitanok("daybreak" in Ukrainian)

2. Some of the greatest and the most loved by me songs of ONUKA include Misto("City" in Ukrainian) and Zavtra("Tomorrow" in Ukrainian). The main author of  song ideas is Natalia Zhyzhchenko . On stage she not only singing but also playing the flute, ocarina, svystultsi , omnikordi , reed pipe("Sopilka") - traditional Ukrainian instrumants, small percussion and control playback of samples
Check it out:

Zavtra - the song that gives me some internal energy ;)

Misto - the clip made in Kyiv(capital of Ukraine)

The last song I wanna share with you is TIME

There are much more nice songs from ONUKA. You can listen to it on ONUKA's official soundcloud

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