A bit of Ukraine(#5) Modern Ukrainian Music - Jamala

Jamala (Ukrainian: Джамала), is a Ukrainian singer of Crimean Tatar descent. She performs music of her own composition on the junction of jazz, soul, world music and rhythm&blues with elements of classical and gospel. She performs her songs mostly in Ukrainian, English and Russian. I think Jamala has really powerful voice and is worth to be mentioned.

Below you'll see some songs that were chosen by me as the best of Jamala.

1. "1944" The song  lyrically speaks about the deportation of the Crimean Tatars in the 1940s by the Soviet Union at the hands of Joseph Stalin. Particularly Jamala was inspired by the story of her great-grandmother Nazylkhan, who was in her mid-20s when she, her four sons and daughters were deported to barren Central Asia. One of the daughters didn't survive the trip. Meanwhile Jamala's great-grandfather was fighting in World War II in the Red Army, and thus couldn't protect his family.
The song's chorus in the Crimean Tatar language are words that Jamala has heard from her great-grandmother, reflecting the inability to spend her youth in her homeland

In the year 2016 Jamala will present Ukraine on the Eurovision song Contest with this song. And I hereby believe (and that's one more short-term prediction from me) that she will definitely win the Eurovision. I could say that, because Eurovision become the contest of political and social influence, but not just normal song contest. Since the song 1944 is quite political and suited for the current needs of propaganda(the same was with Conchita and few other participants) I predict that it will win the Eurovision.

You can read more about the song on Wiki

2. "Очима"( by eyes in Ukrainian).

3. "Иные"(Others in Russian)

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