World's new religion. Global trends in the new information age.

Nowadays we're experiencing transition years to the information age. It's always a huge challenge and a huge changes coming with it. The same as it was during technical revolution(invention of engine) or even older neolithic revolution.

The big problem of people living nowadays which I see is that they do not realize and do not want to accept changes. However those who will realize and accept it faster will be always forward. Quick adaptation was always a big advantage of humans.
So let's try to briefly analyze how world changed during the last 50 years and what consequences it will inject into society.

So, let's see that main aspects of coming future:

1. No need to remember information

2. Information Redundancy

3. Freedom and easiness of moving. Globalization

4. People's relations

5. Descent of religion



1. No need to remember information


You can have an access to almost every common information nowadays in just few seconds.

Even Isaac Newton said few hundred years ago: I don't need to remember information if I know where to find it. Computer, internet and search engines enable access to any relevant for you information at the moment. You like have the knowledge of a whole planet in your hands. In the future it will be even more easier. A lot of tutorials, online courses and trainings appear in the internet every day.

What will it cause?

Now let's look what we have in schools and Universities all over the world. They use so ancient methods and teach so much information that you will newer need!!! I've spent 11 years at school and 4 years at University. At least 5 years were redundant. The worst is that I cannot omit it, coz it's obligatory because of the government.

The teaching systems must be totally thought over and changed. We need to teach people to think and survive, be different and creative, not teach them useless information. We must spend more time on doing something rather that learning.
I will explain you: a hundred years ago going to University and school was the fastest and the most effective way to learn things(because people told you what you need fast and explain from their own experience). You had also a choice in the past: you can learn from books, but it's not effective way(takes too much time). Also, because teachers didn't know what exactly you will need in the future they taught you basics of everything. It's not needed any more, because you can learn at the moment only what you actually need.

Of COURSE university is the best place to meed good people, friends and business partners as always! However now they're not performing the same role as it was a hundred years ago.We need to change the methods of teaching to be more efficient!

People who understood this made a big improving of their life. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, most of the nowadays billionaires and successful people didn't finish the university. They understood it. So it's high time to start understanding it by other people. Don't waste your time, it's the most precious thing in your life!


What do I propose?

Change the educational system totally! Teaching only basics at schools. Making more focus on things like creativity, business, personal development etc. Starting work faster in the field that interest you and learning during the work. Trying, changing fields of work if don't like it.


Why there's a huge resistance to it?

Everything is simple.
1. Because of the money. People now making a lot of money by using old methods of teaching.
2. Because of the habits and old stereotypes. Habits are hard thing to change. Most of the people do not want to change anything, because it has some part of unpredictability and it makes them uncomfortable.

2. Information Redundancy

Information in the network grow exponentially. However most of this information is not relevant and consist of spam, propaganda, advertisements, personal opinions and beliefs and other most of the time usefulness stuff for every person. Even if information is valuable, it may not be interesting most of the time for most of the people.

What will it cause?

- Uselessness of most of traditional sources of information.  People will not pay attention to the things that they are not searching or focusing on.
- People will get useful for them information from networks that they will be in.
- OF COURSE NOT EVERYONE. People will divide into few classes. Most of the people will belong to consumer class, which will consume a lot of information with no value, will be stressful, emotional and easily manipulated. Other groups of people will belong to privilege network and will receive only special valuable information.
- Getting down the average value of information.
Society will need more advanced searching and processing information tools. The demand of reviews and .. will increase dramatically.
- increasing value of original works, pieces of art etc.

What do I propose?

1. Don't read and especially watch news! Nowadays it's just usefulness propaganda and redundant information chosen for you by others. Don't waste your time to read information with no value. The same with this blog - if you consider it gives you no value, don't waste your time - don't read it.
2. Decide which information is desirable for you and you need to know.
3. Try to join the groups and networks of people that may have useful information for you. Very important part is your good friends! They're the most valuable what you have in information age.
4. The source of information must be reliable, with no adding or removing things. Try to check information every time when it's important or somehow affect you.



3. Freedom and easiness of moving. Globalization


What will it cause?

People will have chance to compare between life of themselves and the life of the others.
Concurrency will increase dramatically. It will harder to be the best than before for everyone, however will be much more profitable. By knowing and interacting with more people the competition between people became harder which always leads to better development of every individual and society as a whole. That's why I always said that availability of proactive people is the core of society.
Of course there will be one major global language, because people all around the world want to communicate in the networks without limitations. And of course the global language will be definitely English with no argues I think. English will increase it's impact in the next 10 years dramatically, cause it's already like a chain reaction now.

What do I propose?

1. Learn languages, in this order: ENGLISH, Spanish, German, Chinese. However I'm not sure about Chinese. I think there's few reasons Chinese will not increase it's popularity anymore.
2. Travel a lot and speak with locals a lot! ( will help you with it =))



4.People's relations


Today you have a chance to interact with hundreds of people every day. You can meet much more people than you could few decades ago. However could you keep in touch with all of them? Is there any natural restrictions(time, energy, other resources) to the number of people we could actively interact with? I'm not sure about this one, but we should reconsider people's relations as well. Groups and networks with people of the same interests will perform the main role in people's relations in the near future. I'll cover this topic more precisely in my next posts. What we need nowadays is to develop interpersonal skills, abilities to work and interact with people successively. In the past it was different. If few decades ago person in the village interacted maximum with few hundreds people during it's life, nowadays we interact with as much people every day. It gives us some profits and also some problems.

So what kind of people will be precious from now: People who can think differently, People who can do things fast and selectively.. People who know more languages. People who can understand new things very quickly and filter the information effectively.

In the information age you have access to every information in the world, however you must be able to filter it and to understand it properly.

 Actually we always had a lot of information all the time around us. Our brain filters it considering our beliefs and stereotypes. Why one will use the opportunity and the other will not? One will just not see it because of  filters in one's mind.



5. Descent of religion


A full range of information available for us nowadays provide us a vision of people's inequality and sinfulness. Thanks to global progress we explore the cosmos the sun, various theories and do not believe in stereotypes as easily as before.Even the least thoughtful people are beginning to understand that church is leading by the same "casual" people and were used during the whole history to provide propaganda and help Kings and to control people. History counts a lot of incidents when a lot of people were killed because of church. I think the last big world war based on religion differentiation will happen in the near future and will cause a total descent and prohibition of traditional religion.

Needs to be mentioned that traditional religion appeared as a  consequence of the lack of information. People's mind is not good enough to realize the whole picture of the world and all the time creates different sorts of simplifications, stereotypes and beliefs not connected to reality. One of the biggest simplification of the world during the last 2000 years was religion. Before it was different simplification with a lot of gods. Even nowadays different people have different religions and so beliefs and its actually does confuse every smart person. And of course we must denote that the traditional religion made it's job quite good and provided people some starting point and a vision of the future. It was good, but it's time is gone.

The old religion will gone however the new religion will increase. Nowadays I believe that we need a new religion based on new information available. This religion must picture a new "ideal" personality and give people some ways of development. Anyway, humans need some religion to believe, because they are still not perfect at all and not developed enough(socially and mentally) to live without the world understanding. Unpredictability and not understanding something makes us very uncomfortable, because by history caused dangerous things. It's our internal instinct by now and until we will not develop our society to the high level of being safe and feed we will have the limit of development and understanding.

I am gonna continue the topic of a new religion in later posts and will give you my vision of it.

Leave a comment if you agree or not and why! ;)