A bit of Ukraine (#1). Modern Ukrainian music: Brunettes shoot Blondes

Since most of the people in the world know anything about Ukraine, in this type of post's I'm gonna show you some things related to Ukraine. When I met my good friend from India he told me: "Give me to listen the music of your country and I will understand your culture". That's why I decided that a big part of "A bit of Ukraine" posts will be posts about music.

There are many nice Ukrainian bands. However lots of them luck ads. Here's one of them with English songs: Brunettes shoot blondes. So just look and listen =)

1) Guys made nice video for one of their song "Knock Knock"

2) Just nice song as for me: Brunettes Shoot Blondes - "Tomorrow"

3) Three more of the last songs for you guys:

Interested? You can find more posts about some awesome Ukrainian songs on my blog. Here are some of the best, but not so well-known:

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