The cheapest way to travel between Poland and Ukraine (Warsaw-Lviv route)

Since I travel between Poland and Ukraine a lot, I'd like to share my opinion about the cheapest way to move between these two countries nowadays. Of course everyone knows that the cheapest way to travel is Hitchhiking (see my previous posts).  Since most of the people consider previous ways of traveling dangerous or uncomfortable, in this post I will describe more general but still cheap way to travel using public transportation and cars.

UPDATE: Last year(2015) the migration of people between Poland and Ukraine increased efficiently. It caused that more bus lines appeared in the route between two countries. It increased concurrency and decreased the price!!

Now you can get into Ukraine really cheap. Just check , here are some tickets available for 10HRN (50cents!) in different destinations. Also don't forget to check, here you can find ordinary tickets in any destination for 400-600HRN!

1. Poland: from Warsaw(or any other big city) to Lviv(Ukraine)

Since the most representative city of Poland is Warsaw and the best destination in a route between Poland and Ukraine is Lviv I'll describe this route as the most important one.

1.1 Using 

Price from Warsaw to Lviv:  30-45zl (about 10$)
Time from Warsaw to Lviv:  5-6 hours (highly depend on the car line on the border and traffic)

I'm sure you've heard about the web site blablacar. It's not the cheapest way to travel, however cheaper and faster than the direct bus to Lviv. It's also not really reliable way, because it's not always available and often car drivers write different things that they do.

Anyway, better to ckeck it before choosing the next way of traveling. If it cost less than 40zl to go from Warsaw to Lviv or something like 20zl on the way from Rzeszow to Lviv, I'll definitely insert this part into my transportation schedule.

1.2 Crossing border by walking

This one is usually the cheapest and and definitely reliable method.

Price from Warsaw to Lviv:  20-40zl (about 10$)
Time from Warsaw to Lviv:  ~10 hours

Heading to Przemysl - The city near the EU border

Price from Warsaw to Przemysl:  7-30 zl
Time from Warsaw to Przemysl:  ~6h 30m

1.2.1 Direct train to the Przemysl railway station
It may be a good way for students (discount 50%): third class will be about 30zl.
Better to take some night train and being in Przemysl in the morning.

1.2.2 Going to Rzeszow by cheap bus lines and then to Przemysl by train

  • using - the cheapest way if you buy a ticket in advance or you have some promotional code.
You can travel from any city to Rzeszow by PolskiBus starting from 2zl if you buy tickets in advance:

However there's one small problem with PolskiBus. In 2014 they change the arrival station in Rzeszow which is not Rzeszow Railway station anymore. So, give up from taking big luggage using Polski bus, since you'll need to walk a bit from Polski bus station(Podmiejski) to Rzeszow Glowny station:  

  • using LuxExpress or other companies if they have discounts - here you can also buy relatively cheap tickets from all big cities in Poland

Rzeszow - Przemysl

You can take a cheap train which cost 10zl(students - 5zl) or bus (20zl, students - 10zl) from Rzeszow Glowny to Przemysl.

Przemysl Railway station <-> Border

Attention: Better to be in Przemysl before evening, because buses to the border don't run at night. Otherwise you'll need to use expensive taxi(~20zl). After crossing the border at night you'll also not be able to go to Lviv, since buses start running early in the morning.

Price: 2zl minibus

Time: about 30 minutes (Note: the driver will wait untill the bus will be almost full. One day I waited almost one hour, which was terrible. In such case you can go to the near bus station and use another(not private, but government bus))

Crossing the PL-UA border by walking.

It may take you 20 minutes, but may take longer. It depends on the time you're crossing it and on the people before you(if such exist).

Part 2: Ukraine: from Lviv to everywhere

2.1 The bus from the UA border to Lviv, clumsy, overcrowded, very hot in summer and cold in winter =) 

Price - - 35 UAH (<2$)

Time - - ~2h

2.2 Lviv - city connected to Ukraine's Railways.

Here everything is simple. I consider Ukrzaliznytsia(Ukrainian railways) as a cheapest way to travel between cities this time.

However I strongly recommend you to stay in Lviv for at least for one day before going further. It's beautiful old town with a lot of nice places and traditions. How can you miss it when you actually will be there. 

So first visit Lviw and then use this website to check the prices or buy the tickets online: 

Using the lowest fare you can travel to every city in less 15$. For example you will pay about 80 UAH for the third class train Sleeper(you can lay and sleep there) to Kyiv (~4$) or 120 UAH to Odesa(~6$). (Note: prices and exchange rates checked on the day 07.07.2015. They will definitely change later).

So all you must do is just get into Railway station in the town and use the train. Otherwise you must use the bus, which is usually few times more expensive.

P.S. If you know some better way to travel between Poland and Ukraine, please write a comment and share your knowledge with other people. =)