7 facts about Koreans. Understanding Korean mentality

Here are facts that I learned about Koreans during my one year stay in South Korea. Of course every person is different and special: we cannot judge person's character without knowing him or her for some period of time. But anyway statistically you can derive some patterns of behavior in society. So here I was basing on it: you can know what probably to expect, but not what will happen for sure. It is just my opinion, I do not pretend it to be truth. So here are some of my observations about Koreans.

First of all I want to emphasize that Koreans and Asians at all are normal people, with similar rules and behavior as all over the world. I wrote this because most of my friend who've never been in Asia think it's some different planet and people are strange there =) It's not different world, don't expect this.

So quickly my facts about Koreans:

1. They're extremely hard working and active people
They can do monotonous job for hours and feel well. It's rather standard characteristic of Asians, but it's not normal for Europeans.  Every student in University had some part time job. Together with it they were visiting some student clubs and studying a lot every day and hanging out with friends and tutoring and ....

2. They're extremely busy.
They don't have much time even to spend with their family. They work or do some social work, or do something else. One of my best Korean friend told me that he and most of Korean he talked with feel bad to themselves  when they just spending time with friends, drinking, hanging out or whatever. Why? Because they feel they're missing they precious time and don't do anything useful.

3. They don't have behavior of high position persons, which is especially character for Europeans(Eastern Europeans). Even if Korean have higher social status(high paid job, higher position in a company, some ..) he will respect you, or any other person with less paid job or social status. He will not behave as a god when you will come to him(when you need something). You'll not need to feel like empty place and pray him for something. I felt that people are kinda equal there. Quite surprising was that professors(or your boss) could invite students for a lunch and even pay for it. And it's not just once! The same is with strangers: they can invite you for a dinner, they can give something, I do not know why, but they do not suppose that you'll cheat them at the first moment as we do in Europe.

4. They're big spenders!
They pay and pay and pay again. They go from one bar to another and then karaoke and then something else. They spend as much money during the day as people in Ukraine earn for few month =) They buy new expensive smartphones even if their previous are still OK =) They buy everything and a lot comparing to eastern Europeans or Germans.

5. They're easily manipulated and easily come addicted, they're one way thinking.
That's just my opinion. Koreans believe in many things that they're told in TV or internet, or by someone. They're one-way thinking! When I was speaking with a lot of Koreans, almost every of them had the same opinion(dictated them by someone as a rule). My Korean friend told me that when your friend told you some news then it's truth, when two of your friends told you the same - it's an unconditional truth.

6. They're rather low emotional when it comes to long term relation or any kind of things.
 Many girls are looking for a rich guy. They make foreign friends if they go abroad and don't do it if they don't. They make only good friends and they're very focused people.

7. They're not going to help strangers and even friends if it can be at least a bit harmful to them or to the rules. For example if you ask them about sharing homework they will not share their ideas with you, but hide them.

PS: If you agree of disagree with me, please leave your comment below and let me know ;)