The Guide for KNU international students

This guide was written by me by the end of my studying period in Kyungpook National University. There are several advises that no one told me when I arrived to Korea. I hope that the life of a student will be much more easier with this guide.


I want to make kind of knowledge base from this post, not just static information from myself. So if you know some additional USEFUL infomation about KNU, plese LET ME KNOW AND I WILL POST YOUR INFORMATION HERE! Don't be apathetic to others, help by giving information.



Things to do before arrival




Students' life

10 helpful advises 

10 useful facts

40+ Food places near KNU

Things to do before arrival

Packing Tips:
  1. - The dormitory does not provide linen, blankets, or pillows so plan ahead to either bring something with you or be prepared to spend some money on these items.
  2. - It does rain here a lot so we suggest bringing some waterproof shoes and coat. The umbrellas here are pretty cheap.
  3. - Pack clothes for both cold and hot weather, the spring semester experiences both!
  4. - Deodorant is harder to find here as is shaving gel for the ladies.
  5. - Bring medicine for the common cold, etc. or be prepared to ask your buddy for help in that area if you do get sick while abroad. Also if you carry prescription medicine make sure you either have enough to last you the semester or have a contingency plan on how to get more.
  6. - Bring some clothes suitable for visiting downtown on the weekends.
  7. - Bring a towel, the ones sold here are smaller and expensive.
  8. - Bring one (or more) plug converters.
  9. - If you plan on using your cellphone while you are over here check with your provider to make sure your phone is unlocked, otherwise the SIM cards over here will not be work
Other tips:
  1. When you're making a bank account & debit card, emphasize to your bank that you're going to use it in Korea. Most of the students from Europe had problems with drawing their money from Korean ATM's. If you want to use your card in other countries, let them know too.


1. dormitory: old-type dormitory(Bongsagwan for boys, Hwamokgwan for girls): 

+ better food(bigger portions, more meat) See pictures of meals HERE.
+ better washing machines (+ free)
+ much better gym than in new dormitory
+ near stadium and IT buildings (preference for some students)
+ a bit cheaper dormitory fees


2. dormitory: new-type dormitory(Cheomseonggwan)

+ bathroom in the room
+ elevator
+ most of international students live there(international environment)
+ girls and boys: the same dormitory, but different floors =)
+ near Global Plaza and Languages Building

- washing machines spoil your clothes and cost 1000W

See the photos of the gym in new dormitory are below:

Anyway you can't pick what dormitory you want to stay in, it is automatically assigned by the housing office. However, you can put a request to stay in a certain dormitory you want, but it's not guaranteed.

The dormitory Myungуui-Gwan is for medical students only. Bongsa-gwan is for males only, Hwamok-gwan is for females only, and Cheomseong-gwan is mixed but each floor is a gender only floor and you will receive penalties if you go to a floor that you're not allowed on. You will most likely be put in Cheomseong-gwan unless you come from a university with a large group (like the ECE students). You can choose a meal plan(from 0 to 3 meals per day) for each dormitory except Myungyui-Gwan.

Secondly, you will be put with a random room mate; however, like before you can make a request if you want to stay with somebody specific but it's not guaranteed. You can do this at the housing office.

Finally, you will go with your buddy to the housing office to receive an invoice for payment which you will take to the bank and this is when you choose your meal plan.

If you need to send a package to your dorm here is the address format you must use:

Room <<XXX>>
<<Name of the dorm>>
Kyungpook national university
1370 Sangyeok-Dong

Here is detailed information about dormitories location and prices provided by KNU KSA:

3. living outside the campus

A lot of apartments that are really close to the campus are available (small gate, techno gate, north gate)
For instance: one room apartment with kitchen toilet and wardrobe near the techno gate(near new dormitory) - between 250 000 - 300 000W for one month.


Finding a place to eat is not a problem in Korea. There is a big variety of restaurants and shops in every single place.

However as we all know the problem of the student is money. We need to eat cheap things to save money for parties. =) The second point is that some students find problematic to eat korean-style food. That’s why except from introducing possible ways of eating I tried to make an accent on these two main students’ problems.

1. Cooking

  • Cooking is not allowed in dormitory, but:
    You can make barbeque in summer
    You can also ask your buddy or korean friends to cook at his house sometimes. That’s ok as well =)
  • You can cook if you rent a house, but:
    Cooking at home usually is expensive: the same price as eating in cheap restaurants

You can check food prices here: Web site of home plus(Korean only)
Some students make membership in Costco Korea and buy food or drinks there(cheaper): Description and map here

2. Eating in School cafeteria

3. Buying food & eating outside

You can eat instant noodles(so called 라면 - ramyeon) almost in every shop in korea. They provide hot water and even place to eat it. It cost about 1000W.

You can also eat korean Gimbap, which cost between 1000-2000W.

Next possibility of cheap eating is 김밥천국 (Kimbap Heaven) type of restaurants.
General Rules:

  • Restaurants near North gate are more expensive than near Main(Small), or east gate. (Even if the price seems the same, you will get bigger portion Near Main gate. 
  • Eating near KNU campus is cheaper than in Downtown or other popular places in Daegu. 
For more detailed information see my post 30+ eating places near KNU

Approximate life cost in Daegu here  or comparing to the Paris here

Studying process

Abeek & YES websites
You must use Korean version, and you have no choice =P You can either ask some Koreans or your buddy to help you(what is easy) or use google translate(what is also easy).

Guide: how to check your timetable and download courses materials in Abeek system:
After login do:
Attendance is checked in almost at every subject. You can have as much as 5 to 7 absences (depend on professor).

Checking your grades at the end of semester is a bit complicated. You must do survey of the subjects in Korean and only then you will see the grades. Ask your buddy for helping you.

Here is a guide of you can check you timetable in YES system provided by KNU KSA:

Student’s life and Attractions

The most popular places among exchange students:
Parties & clubs
Downtown, Thursday Party, Frog, Monkey, Second Hostel, GOGO

Cultural&Recreational places
Daegu Museum, Daegu sports Museum, Suseong Lake
Mountains, Museum of Oriental Medicine
Palgongsan park
Donghwasa Temple

Nearest attractions:
In this post I describe some interesting things in Korea
You couldn’t miss these places in Korea

10 Helpful advises

1. Use this campus map: to find KNU buildings

2. Use NAVER maps: if you want to find something in Korea. It requires a little knowledge of Korean Language, but still it’s very intuitive and helpful if you get used to it.

Why Naver, Not Google, Bing or anything else:

  • Street view and Aerial view
  • Bus, subway, bicycle and many other routes

  • Exact description and location of places 
  • Many other useful things not implemented in other maps(ruler, saving, bookmarking, traffic)

3. Use google translate: for mobile, for your browser etc. But: if you are trying to learn Korean, try to avoid it when it is possible.

Automatic translation of selected Cafeteria menu text using google translate plugin for browser
You can translate text making image or recording voice easily.

4. If you want to buy something(clothes, Electronics, computer, mobile) better(cheaper) to do it online. Koreans always do so.

5. Buy korean sim card(20 000 for 1 semester) and don’t lose your phone in Taxi(more than 5 students did it last semester)

6. You can rent a bicycle for free in some of daegu Metro stations for a whole day!

- Bicycle Rent Service -

- Daegu metro station (except Banwoldang Station)
- Register member at metro office with your ID (KNU student card)
- Rent Service time :06:00 -20:00/ Return by 22:00
- You can borrow for a day & return station where you borrow bicycle

7. Participate in Every possible student’s program - for free! you will have a lot of fun!:
  • KNU Dorm Festival contest 
  • KNU got talent 
  • KNU School Festival 
  • Daegu Dongseongro GLOBAL MUSIC FESTIVAL
  • Events organized by KSA and IOA 
  • Challenge Korea 
  • Ultra Music Festival Korea 
  • Busan Movie festival 
  • Busan Colourful Festival
  • Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival(Spring)
  • Daegu vine club 
  • any kind of volunteering 
  • KNU tea ceremony & Hanbok 
  • KNU global Camp 
  • KNU Orchestra Concert 
  • KNU Korea traditional Music concert 
  • Daegu International Party 
  • Many other programs (just check facebook group frequently) 
  • KNU Dormitory midterm free snack event =) 
  • Free medical checkups =) 
  • Marathons
farewell&talent show

8. You can be a member of many student clubs available in KNU(nowadays about 70 student’s clubs are available) . There is even a separate student building for student clubs in KNU.

9. Check Facebook group often, because you can miss your chance for interesting trips.

10. KSA & IAO can help you if you have problems. Do not hesitate to ask: Global Plaza 6th floor

Quick facts:

  • You can buy good second-hand bicycle for less than 80 000W or a new one online for about 100 000W

  • If you don't want to buy a bicycle you might probably use a Daegu bus. Here is an introductory guide for buses in Daegu and Korea:


  • Gyms near the campus: 150,000 won per 3 month in Daegu-city. 40 000 for a good gym in KNU. Free, but a bit worse gyms available in dormitories.

  • no foreigners places: There are some clubs in Daegu, that only Koreans can enter them like the most popular among Koreans A&U or ICON clubs. Also foreigners are not welcomed in some student’s clubs in KNU.

  • If you don't want to use hitchhiking you will probably need to use Korean Trains. Here is a guide made by KSA:


  • Kyungpook National University has the second largest library collection among university libraries in Korea(3rd place among all libraries in Korea). The library collections include 3.05 million volumes covering nearly every academic fields. The Central Library is the primary library of the main campus and it has 2.6 million volumes. You can use a library as every normal student.

  • There are global lounges and other places that KNU students can use

  • Jjimjilbang is one of the cheapest and funniest way of living one/few days

  • Free WiFi is available almost everywhere in the campus as well as everywhere in Korea(iptime, Free public WIFI).

Or like here: Free WiFi spots in Seoul(Application)

  • Banks and ATM’s are mostly closed on weekends and holidays

  • You can open a bank account in Korea for free! Otherwise you might need to draw your money from the global ATM. Here is the guide:

P.S. Please, leave your comment below if I forgot something to mention or you if just want give me some feedback. You probably know that comments help blog to go higher in search engines, so please help me!!! =)