How to eat super big meals in Korea for less than 3000W

Do you think eating in restaurants in Korea is too expensive for you? Not a problem! As I have already mentioned in my previous post Guide for KNU international students, it is possible to get unlimited food in University cafeterias if you come closer to the end of serving period (10 minutes before closing cafeteria: 8:50, 12:50, 18:50). In this post you could see some pictures of big meals as well as just see the type of food that is usually served in cafeteria (menu usually repeats every 2 week).

Big meals 

(rice and salad are always unlimited, so accent is made on meat&fish)

Normal meals (coming soon...)

P.S. Maybe photos doesn't look very tasty, but what I wanted to show is possible size of the meal, not look. By the way taste of the food served in the old dorm cafeteria is not bad.

P.P.S Leave a feedback by posting a comment below please! Also add photos of your meals in Korea!